Witch Crafter Evenings – Tea and Magic

An evening of witchcrafting, history, lore and tea...

*~You have been summoned to a Witches Tea in Deadwick’s Hall of the Lost Arts~*

Join Countess Zwicker for an enchanting afternoon of blending magickal teas and crafting a magical item. Curl up in a beautiful historic parlor surrounded by candles and curious artifacts from beyond. Guests will blend enchanted herbs for the afternoon tea together, charging it with magic and intention. For the remainder of the session guests will create a magickal craft to take home with them, all supplies provided.

Wednesday, July 31st – The wand has been used for centuries by witches to help them create their magic, it is a precious tool and an integral part of a witch’s bag of tricks. The wand was and is used for healing as well as spells and magic, it can be used to charge or enchant an object or space. The wand is used by the witch to direct and expand energy.

In this session: Explore a variety of wand bases. Wand accessories including: Crystals, Shells, Feathers, Wire, string, beads, herbs – & more! Partake in a cleansing Ritual to prepare your wand and accessories. Explore a brief history of Wand-lore. Wands will be anointed and consecrated.

Bewitching attire is optional, but most welcome!

Arrive via whatever your mode of transportation you choose. Car, trolley or broom.