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Witch Crafter Evenings – Tea and Magic

An evening of witchcrafting, history, lore and tea...

Pour a cup of herbal tea and join Roxie for the spinning of fascinating New England folklore and a magickal craft – all supplies provided.

May 2021 Theme – Witches Ladder – these magical devices are rumored to go back to the 1500s. Three ribbons, cords, or ropes are braided together; you “weave” the intention into the braids. Tokens that correspond to your intention such as charms, beads, feathers, twigs, flowers etc. are woven in, during the braiding process. This is a powerful of weaving and knot magic. All supplies are included.

During the crafting Roxie will weave in stories of New England Witches and tales of Witches Ladders and other devices that have been discovered in Colonial homes and buildings.

**Bewitching attire is optional but most welcome!

** Space is very limited to 6 people.