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Earth Ancestors – Monthly Crystal & Gemstone Circle

Share in the magic and folklore of crystals and gemstones.

Do you love crystals and do you want to work with them on deeper levels? In this hands-on monthly session with Roxie you will learn how to not only to program crystals for specific intentions, but get the most out of the energy and guidance that they have to offer. Discover energies certain stone shapes offer for a specific energetic purposes. Each month we will discuss gridding your body, home, and sacred spaces. Which crystals would be your best energetic allies based on where you are on your journey. Explore ways to use crystals for protection, spiritual growth and healing. Each month as part of this session you will receive a crystal to keep and work with. The tools and sessions vary month to month, depending where the universe is energetically.

Roxie has an extensive collection of crystals and has access to unique crystals that have been newly discovered. The primary focus of each session is your conscious connection and co-creation with the crystals and minerals. As a Reiki II practitioner, she will infuse your stones with light energy to keep them working at their best.

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