Crystal Workshop Night & Trunk Show

Crystals and gemstones to inspire and amaze!

Your crystal helpers are waiting for you, come and meet them!

Join us for this very special night where the earth’s magic keepers are awaiting your arrival! A couple of times year Roxie opens her secret trunk of special crystals to share with the public. During this event each guest will receive a complimentary small bag of tumbled crystals, and an hour long crystal workshop (which covers everything from cleansing to programming your crystals and pendulum dowsing). Come and privately shop for some of the most beautiful crystal specimens from stunning crystal balls, to labradorite, selenite, lapis lazuli, aura stones, unusual minerals, rare tumbled stones, palm stones, crystal figurines and much more. Hundreds of stones available at affordable prices during this event.

Roxie’s passion and experience with crystals and minerals has been growing for over 30 years since her first selecting her first crystal at 12 years old. She loves sharing crystal experiences, wisdom, and helping people select crystals that are best for their highest energy.

Every crystal available from Roxie been hand selected for its energy, healing properties, beauty and has been infused with Reiki.

Edibles and refreshments provided.