Other Side of Darkness Late Night Trolley Tour

Many stories lurk in the late night darkness...

Adult 17+
Child 16 and under

Ghostly tales from the Port City before bedtime.

When darkness descends on the Port City, anything mysterious can – and has happened under the cloak of night. We have pulled some of our darkest stories from our crypts of research and will share with you the creepy headlines, ghost stories and bone chilling tales – where truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. This one hour tour aboard a vintage wood and brass Victorian trolley will usher you away to a few of our favorite haunts along with some places we have never covered before on the edge of the city. Discover that some locations have multiple ghost stories from several different sources, but decide for yourself what the old house walls might have to say to those who will listen. Marvel at the architecture in the shadows and truly see it differently than it looks during the light of day.

Throughout the tour view historic photographs and take a closer look at the headlines as you travel. The atmosphere of the trolley will surround you with creepy music, costumed hosts and extensive halloween decor fit for a haunted parlor. Find a whole new appreciation for the Port City and it’s transformation over the years revealing a few skeletons in the closet.

Hosted by the author of Haunted Portsmouth, you’ll find these tales perfect bedtime stories before you head home. Unpleasant dreams!