Forgotten Folklore – Lost Legends and Ghosts in Lecture

Forgotten Folklore - Lost Legends in Lecture, New England's ghost stories and hidden history.

Step into the Deadwick’s Hall of Lost Arts – an early 19th century gothic, private parlor for a unique and memorable evening!  The curtains have been pulled and the candles have been lit and your presence is requested as costumed master story teller Roxie Zwicker spins true tales of New England’s most dramatic ghost stories, folklore and hidden history! A soundscape of background music and a few unexpected scares await you during a timeless evening full of folklore, magic and revelry… in the tradition of old time storytelling.

June 2018’s theme – Witchery –  The seacoast has documented witchcraft stories dating back as early as 1656. Did you know that there was a woman from one small New Hampshire coastal town who was tried and convicted of witchcraft before the Salem trials? While another woman from the town of Kittery had an influence over the local fisherman and their voyages at sea. In the town of York, Maine a strange looking grave holds the story of local superstition and even stranger facts.  What are some of the unusual artifacts that have been unearthed in old New England homes that relate to witchcraft superstitions.  Find out that not all witches were from Salem!

July 2018’s theme – Tragic Love – Broken hearts, jilted lovers and vengeful tales.  Join Roxie for ghastly tales of happily never after!  For a journey into New England’s past of ghost brides, lost loves and strange romance this is an evening you won’t want to miss.  Does true love transcend death?  Find out during this spirited event.

August 2018’s theme – Creepy Calamities – Roxie unfurls tales of untimely departures, madcap murders and ghastly accidents and the ghost stories left in their wake.  From despicable disasters to ghost ships and strange haunted highways on this night rouse the macabre tales from the crypt of calamities!

Space is limited. Light refreshments are served.