Forgotten Folklore – Lost Legends and Ghosts in Lecture

Forgotten Folklore - Lost Legends in Lecture, New England's ghost stories and hidden history.

Step into the Deadwick’s Hall of Lost Arts – an early 19th century gothic, private parlor for a unique and memorable evening!  The curtains have been pulled and the candles have been lit and your presence is requested as costumed master story teller Roxie Zwicker spins true tales of New England’s most dramatic ghost stories, folklore and hidden history! A soundscape of background music and a few unexpected scares await you during a timeless evening full of folklore, magic and revelry… in the tradition of old time storytelling.

January 2019 – Wicked Winter Tales – Dark tales for a winter night!  Stories of the “popsicle people” of northern New England, unnerving and ghostly winter storms, tales of terror at sea that will chill your blood and so much more.

February 2019 – Broken Hearts and Cold Revenge – Tragic tales of love gone wrong from forgotten New England history come to life.  Stories of supernatural love and loss, as well as murder most foul.  Discover why some lonely spirits are doomed to revisit certain locations for all eternity.

Space is limited. Light refreshments are served.