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Moon Mystics Workshop With Roxie

Moon legends, lore and magic!

Working and living by the cycles of the moon is one of the easiest and most potent ways to work with the energy of the universe. Being aware of the moon cycles and the earth’s seasonal changes offers opportunities to align with potent energies. The moon represents intuition, the mysteries, spirit, reflection and emotions.

In this workshop, guests will discover the rituals, and tools to connect with the magic of the moon. Learn why working with the moon is so powerful. Explore how lunar energy increases and supports your intentions and how celebrating the phases of the moon can have a profound effect on your spirituality. Guests will create their own “moon board” in this session, divine messages from a moon oracle, travel through a moon visualization to discover their connection to lunar energy. We will talk about moon gardening and create a moon altar. Participants will take home crystals aligned with the moon.

• Moon cycles
• How the moon affects you
• How to harness the magic of the moon
• Clearing and manifesting in alignment with the moon

Explore the different magickal moons of the month, the energy of eclipses, blue moons and super moons. Rituals can be enhanced by using the moon and its cycles for specific purposes. Having a goal and being aware of the atmosphere you wish to create can greatly affect the outcome of your rituals, as well as your daily life.