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Samhain Open Circle

Cross the veil and turn the wheel.

Join Roxie in Deadwick’s Hall of the Lost Arts for one of the most magical and intense circles of the year.

Some people refer to Samhain as “Summer’s End” and it is a celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year. It is a time to study the mysteries and honor the Crone. A descent into the labyrinth and a return to the cycle of life. It is a time of fairies, divination, spirits and of the fire festival.

The lessons of Samhain are to remember, respect and learn from the past; to live in the moment and be grateful for life in the now; and to look forward to and be optimistic about the promise of the future.

What project/relationship/ambition you are letting go of? What needs to be released? What stage of life you are completing? How can you honor those who have gone before? What does the future hold? Connect with your spirit guides and ancestors in this ritual.

Be prepared for a powerful circle as we turn the wheel at midnight and stand between the worlds during this in between time. Come in costume and bring something to be charged and or remembered for the altar. Everyone will take home a magickal Samhain gift for personal use.

Light refreshments served. $30 pp