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Besom and Bone Weekend

Cross the veil and turn the wheel.

Besom & Bone is an advanced weekend intensive of workshops, rituals and celebrations of the pagan community. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our members of the pagan and witchcraft community to expand and grow the spiritual self and practice.

Our first day together will be focused on the “Besom” or active part of our craft. The Besom & Bone Witch School is where participants will be guided through an opening ritual then attend intermediate and advance level classes on witchcraft, paganism and the occult. We are moving beyond the fundamentals and diving into deeper concepts of “The Witch’s Work”. After classes and dinner, we will have a formal round table discussion with some of our honored presenters focused on a topic important to the development and understanding of what it means to be a modern “Witch”.

Our second day together is our solidification of community strength or “Bone” aspects of our work. We celebrate and take pride in the lessons we learn, the path we walk, and the work we craft. Now it’s time to sit together and discuss how we bring our work to community. We will have group activities, learn about our local spirits of place, share in the Night Market and finally to sit in ritual once more to see closure for our days of working together and to honor our ancestors, community, and connection to our higher self or divine on this sacred Samhain night.

See Below for our complete List of B&B Workshops taught by some of the leading voices of the pagan community.

Samhain Besom Brooms

with  Sorghum & Leather

Craft your own ritual tool for Samhain with Sorghum & Leather!

Brooms are one of our oldest tools and have been associated with magic from the very beginning.

There is an intrinsic quality to making brooms in a group circle that brings out creativity and excitement in everyone. We will be crafting short-handled besom brooms. Use your broom for cleaning, energy clearing, or as an altar or hearth broom. There will be the option to tie a small sachet onto the handle of your broom to hold a personal object of meaning, such as a stone, herb, or bone. All supplies included.

Whenever we create with our own hands, the magic and intention within the objects is far more powerful. If you will be weaving a specific intention, mantra, or incantation into your broom, it will be helpful to have it already written and brought to class with you.

A native Colorado tree is donated for every Sorghum & Leather workshop signup. You can connect with Sorghum & Leather via Instagram @sorghum_leather or

STITCH MAJICK: Mindfully Sewing your Intentions

with Jacq Civitarese of Eternal Stitch, High Priestess Cabot Hermetic Temple

Stitching, knitting and weaving have long held a power deeply rooted in old world majick throughout history. With every poke and loop of a stitch, one can diligently focus and harness their intentions in a crafted piece. These deliberate spells are neatly masked in the most everyday pieces, gently serving the creators wishes!

In this hand-on workshop we will be whip stitching together cut out symbols made of 100% New Hampshire milled Wool for a Love, Protection or Luck key-ring pillow spell; yours to take home! Available will be button, beads and shells to adorn. Later, we’ll be stuffing them with appropriate herbs and oils for our majick; all while discussing the power of crafting and stitching. Rev. Jacq will end by casting a circle in the Cabot Tradition style so we may charge and fix our majick.

Witches Flying Ointments: Did witches really fly? – Live Demo & Workshop

with Kris Gurky of Dark Moon Salem

The image of a witch flying on a broom is seen everywhere, especially during Halloween, but did witches use brooms to fly?

In this workshop, join Kris Gurky of Dark Moon Salem to learn the history of the iconic symbol, the lore surrounding it, and how baneful witching herbs that comprise a witches’ flying ointment have wrongfully been vilified throughout history and used to accuse one of practicing witchcraft. Attendees will participate in a live demonstration and learn how to craft a witches’ ointment to assist with dreamwork and intuition.

Shadow Work on the Poison Path

with Kristina DeMarco of the Herbalist Apprentice 

We are two halves of a whole, the light and the shadow.  The half of us that is in the light is the conscious part of ourselves.  It is the part we are most comfortable living with and walking around with.  It is the part that is illuminated for all to see.  Then there is our shadow self.  Deep and subconscious, this darker side of ourselves is the part we keep hidden from the world around us.  The shadow is the part of us we deem shameful, ugly, bad.

Poisonous plants tend to be looked at with fear and repulsion.  The unconscious act of pulling away when you venture too close to one, for fear of harm coming to one’s self.  It is those same feelings that can accompany shadow work.  The plants are put on this earth to teach and to heal, and poisonous plants are no different.  Poison plants can guide you through your shadow work, helping you face that which is holding you back.

In this class, we will be talking about different plants on the Poison Path, their folklore, how they were used historically and how to call on their Spirits to guide you through your shadow work as you work to find your true, whole self.  We will be meditating with various plants from my own poison garden to see which ones you connect with in your own shadow work.

Cloak of Darkness – Cloak of Stars

with Roxie Zwicker – Keynote

As children we would look to the skies and dream beyond the stars, we believed that the moon followed us everywhere we went. We didn’t know why, we felt so connected, but it was a true feeling that stayed with us. Growing older a shadow crept in and some of the stars went out or seemed more distant and we thought that maybe the moon had stopped following us. The shadow that crept in took on a life of its own, and a part of our life. It silently shifted us to do and believe things that we didn’t understand, seeding doubt and unhealthy patterns. In this session Roxie will reveal through her own journey of shadow work, that what is hidden can be healed. Your shadow is part of you, but it doesn’t have to control you. Discover magical ways to love your shadow, and light the stars in your soul again as we explore techniques and methods to call your power back.

As Above, So Below – How Astro-Herbalism can Change Your Craft

with Brian Pettengill

Herbs, Magic, and Astrology have gone hand in hand for generations. While history has seen some separations between the three, we are entering a period of time where we’re finding ourselves going back to our roots, and recognizing the pieces that have been long inaccessible to many.

Magic and astrology is seen mostly in High Magic or Ceremonial Magic these days, leaving most to feel that it is outside of their wheelhouse, or we find only Moon Phases/Transits are looked at, disregarding the other planetary movements. Astrological associations with plants have become overwhelming laundry lists of correspondences, but most of the time, the reasoning behind these correspondences is left out. This leaves a lot of the intention of our Craft in limbo, just following a list — and oftentimes using herbs that don’t grow in our area — leaving us disconnected from the plants we may work with and ultimately becoming dependent on consumerism.

In this presentation, we’ll look at how to discover planetary associations with the plants that grow around us by using our senses and intuition to determine its planetary influence which can help us understand how it can be incorporated into our Craft. We’ll also explore how each planet can help us in spell and ritual work, looking beyond which days of the week or times are best for certain works. Astrological and Herbal magic doesn’t have to be complicated, or full of memorizing planetary hours and days; it’s about connecting with the energy first hand and allowing your intuition to guide your practice, helping to truly embody “As Above, So Below

Friday Night – Discussion Panel.

Doors open on Saturday 10/30 at 10:00 am and the session fades into shadow at 9:00 pm.

Sunday 10/31 we begin at Noon and end at 5:00 pm.

Saunday at Noon – Tour of the 17th Century Point of Graves Cemetery with Roxie.

Community Circle Discussion – Journal To Your Soul & Hands on Crafting

Besom and Bone Night Market – Open to the Public – Sunday Night 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Players Ring.

These events will be taking place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s historic South end neighborhood. At the 1870 South Meetinghouse and the 1833 Players Ring Theatre.

Prices are ALL-INCLUSIVE –

$89 per person for all sessions – IN PERSON WEEKEND. – Space is extremely limited.

$59 per person for all sessions – ON ZOOM. – Recordings will also be viewable after the event.

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