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Stories, Stones & Superstitions – Gravestone Symbolism

Explore New England's most intriguing burial sites - Affordably priced at $20 per household!

By Popular Request! Gravestone Symbolism – Decoded!

There is a special language to the ornate carvings on New England’s gravestones. Many carvings were done on the stones at a time when many people had a limited knowledge of reading. These images, with the earliest carved by hand conveyed emotion, beliefs, lessons and stories.

In this workshop Roxie shares a large collection of personal gravestone images reflecting the earliest 17th century stones in New England, right up through the late Victorian era. Accented with historic documents and ephemera this presentation is not only educational but entertaining. Make your graveyard explorations more rewarding, and find that the information shared in this session may also be helpful with genealogy research.

The workshop is shared with a deep respect and reverence for those who have passed on.