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Night of New England Mysteries

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$ 20.00

There is a place between shadow and light...

Join Maine’s Mystery Maven, Roxie Zwicker for a night of mysterious stories. This event combines Roxie’s talented storytelling skills and her film making experience.

The atmosphere is dark in this 150 year old, historic building. The dramatic stories told in costume by Roxie are spine-tingling and terrifyingly true. Discover tales of haunted graveyards, outrageous stories of people who were accused of being witches and eerie, haunted New England places.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity for an evening you won’t soon forget.

During the event we will also be screening the following three short films:

Three Short Films

The Woodland Alchemy

New England Curiosities is proud to present a short film that is written and directed by Roxie Zwicker. There is a haunting place of magic, light and shadow that calls out to you from a curious woodland. What if you could go there, who or what would you find? Would you confront your fears, ghosts and connect with your own personal power? Once you discover this enchanted world, could you come back?

The Woodland Alchemy (Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival Selection – 2018) brings viewers to a place that resides on the edge of imagination, the unknown and the mysterious. With an original score that connects to the deepest emotions, come and take a journey of transformation where you will not only dive deep into your soul, but rise up and soar in a way you never thought you could. (28 Minutes)

Memories in the Meadow – There is something weird and mysterious happening in the meadow. Where did these things come from and why do they seem alive with every gust of wind? A New England roadside oddity seen through a creative camera lens. (7 Minutes)

When We Turn Into Shadows – What if we ignore the moving spirits around us? What might they be trying to tell us about our own existence? Take a journey to a forgotten mansion and explore the shadows of the past that might inhabit there. (12 Minutes)

Due to social distancing protocols, space is very limited.

Book signing to follow the event.

Click Here to View The Woodland Alchemy Trailer on Vimeo