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Tarot Classes With Roxie

Take your tarot skills to the next level.

Advanced Tarot techniques to take your practice to a deeper level. Join us on Zoom!

Tarot is indeed The Mirror of the Soul. It is an ancient divinatory art which uses 78 archetypal cards to represent past, present and future situations in a person’s life. A typical reading of the cards mirrors our past decisions, validates our present situation, and projects a probable future for your consideration.  But, in these courses let’s take a deeper look into the mirror at what the Tarot offers and how we can make the most of our readings.

Use your own Tarot deck, which does not have to be the Rider Waite Smith deck. Any and all experience levels welcome!

Join Roxie for two and a half hour sessions intensive of in-depth Tarot techniques on Zoom:

The Magic of Reading Tarot for the Self, Journey with Roxie Zwicker – How can you do the best readings for yourself, and extract the most useful information? Explore deep readings, uncover some of the best secrets for personal development and journeying though the messengers of the Tarot. From powerful layouts, to creating take away homework and rituals for working with the messages, this interactive session will offer ways to get the most out of the readings that you do for yourself.

Wednesday March 15th, 2023 at 6:30 pm

The Magic of Reading Tarot for Others – The rewards of reading for others can be magical, when you are helping to guide someone and help them through their issues with positive guidance and problem solving with the Tarot. Sometimes, it can be challenging to read for others for a variety of reasons. Roxie will demystify some of the issues that can come up when readings for others. Discover ways to empower those you read for, and to help them get the most out of their readings. They will be excited to come back again and again to share positive results garnered from their readings.  Are you called to read professionally?  Stand out from the crowd and explore the tools of the trade as Roxie shares her recipe for success to help guide you on the road to professional reading success!  Feel more confident and give your intuition a boost during each reading.

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 at 6:30 pm

Tarot and the Season of Spirits – Explore the light and shadow of intuition during the season of transformation. It is said the veil grows thin around October, as the world of spirits becomes closer to those who walk the path of the living. In this session dive deep into the world of the Tarot during the very witching time of year. Discover the Tarot cards associated with spirit and explore the messages and symbolism they bring to readings. Are you looking for messages from ancestors or spirit guides? Perhaps you would like to do a reading on what you can do to protect your energy and sacred spaces from negative energies? Maybe your approach is releasing self-doubt and finding ways to clear those skeletons out of your closet for your best spiritual growth. Could it be you are interested in discovering your ancestral, spiritual gifts? Explore unique layouts, reflect on the spirit and mysteries of the season in this session. We will explore all this and more, together along with some terrific Halloween Tarot deck images.

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 6:30 pm

Roxie has been reading for over 25 years and brings a wealth of depth, enthusiasm and insight for these sessions.


Each session is priced affordably at $29.