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Roxie Zwicker is known for her unique collection of New England folklore and stories. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in New England, surrounded by its beauty and history. After attending Greenfield Community College for media production, Roxie found herself exploring the hidden secrets and forgotten history of New England. Roxie has published eight books, many of which are in their second or third printing with the History Press/Acadia Publishing. She hopes to keep the stories of those who settled in New England alive within the pages of her books.  Order your autographed book and have it shipped directly to your door – or delivered to you at a New England Curiosities tour or event.


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textMaine Book of the Dead – Maine’s graveyards contain the ancient memories and last words of woodsmen, lighthouse keepers, inventors, sea captains and the people who called this rugged land home. In an island cemetery rests Tall Barney, a six-foot-seven folk hero who single-handedly took down fifteen men in a Portland bar. Kittery holds the grave for the crew of the doomed ship the Hattie Eaton. Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor is the final resting place for the famed “Sky Blue Madam” Fanny Jones and Public Enemy No. 1, gangster Al Brady. Camp Etna contains the grave of famed medium Mary Vanderbilt. Dead Man’s Gulch in Wales holds many eerie tales of ghosts that refuse to leave. Join renowned author and tour guide Roxie Zwicker as she explores Maine’s historic and legendary graveyards.


Haunted Portsmouth – A tour of Portsmouth’s back alleys and docksides, filled with the lingering whispers and memories of generations long dead. Venture through the haunted past and present of Portsmouth, New Hampshire if you dare. Before Portsmouth was a charming seaside community, it was a rough-and-tumble seaport. Hear phantom footsteps in the Point of Pines Burial Ground and mysterious voices at the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, haunted by the ghost of its former keeper. Tour guide and hauntings expert Roxie Zwicker takes readers on a tour of the nation’s third-oldest city, where buildings and street corners teem with ghostly stories and legends.


Haunted Portland – Follow Zwicker, author of Haunted Portsmouth and Haunted Pubs of New England, as she expertly navigates through this storied Yankee seaport’s collection of creepy graveyards, tragic shipwrecks, eerie lighthouses and more. You’ll discover such haunting yarns as the story of Lydia Carver-the ghost bride who drowned just offshore on the eve of her marriage- as well as the tale of the British captain and the American commander whose ghosts square off at nighttime in a famous local cemetery, a chilling reenactment of their fatal War of 1812 naval engagement. Read Haunted Portland and discover the dark side lurking beneath Portland’s picture postcard exterior.


Massachusetts Book of the DeadGraveyard Legends and Lore – Massachusetts’s historic graveyards are the final resting places for tales of the strange and supernatural. From Newburyport to Truro, these graveyards often frighten the living, but the dead who rest within them have stories to share with the world they left behind. While Giles Corey is said to haunt the Howard Street Cemetery in Salem, cursing those involved in the infamous witch trials, visitors to the Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain enjoy an arboretum and a burial ground with Victorian-era memorials. One of the oldest cemeteries in Massachusetts, Old Burial Hill in Marblehead, has been the final resting place for residents for nearly 375 years. Author Roxie Zwicker tours the Bay State’s oldest burial grounds, exploring the stones, stories and supernatural lore of these hallowed places.


New Hampshire Book of the DeadGraveyard Legends and Lore – New Hampshire’s historic graveyards, from Portsmouth to North Conway, have bizarre and eerie stories to offer their visitors. Graveyards often invoke fear and superstition among the living, but the dead who rest within them may have more to communicate to the world they left behind. The sands of Pine Grove Cemetery in Hampton once concealed the tombstone of Susanna Smith, but now its message–which reads simply “Slaine with thunder”–and her story have risen from beneath the soil. The Point of Graves Cemetery in Portsmouth is home to the spirit of Elizabeth Pierce, who beckons departing guests back to her grave. Along the state’s southern border in Jaffrey, tombstones at Philips-Heil Cemetery caution the living to cherish life. Author Roxie Zwicker tours the Granite State’s oldest burial grounds, exploring the stones, stories and folklore of these hallowed places.


Haunted York County – Restless spirits in seemingly tranquil summer cottages, specters watching for phantom ships from a sea captain’s mansion these are among the ghostly residents of one of New England’s oldest counties. The harshly beautiful coastline of York County has a long history of storm, revolution and violence that seems to lure deceased residents from the ether. From the otherworldly mariners in the Boon Island Lighthouse to the terrifying cells of Old Gaol, America’s oldest prison, an abundance of mysteries reflects the region’s turbulent past. Join Roxie J. Zwicker, haunted history author and owner of New England Curiosities tours, as she delves into the chilling secrets and ghostly lore of York County.