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Gift Cards, Season Ticket Skeleton Key Pass & Certificates

The Gift of Ghosts and some special savings!

Gift Card Enter Your Own Amount
Skeleton Key - Unlimited Walking Tours for Two or Four Seasons/Four Readings

Give a gift that lasts an eternity - well at least for a year or so! We have several options to choose from!

Give a gift that lasts an eternity – well at least for a year or so! We have three exciting options to choose from!

Walking Tour Gift Certificates – Last year you gave them a scarf, the year before a pair of socks, the year before that it was a coffee shop gift card, and the year before that it was a fruitcake.

This year why not give them a gift that will enable them to explore New England Curiosities tours with the Mystery Maven of the Macabre – Roxie Zwicker? The recipient will then be able to enjoy a couple of hours of entertaining history, mystery and ghoulishness on of one of the northeast’s leading haunted tours. You can guarantee that it will be a delightfully different (not to say totally spooky) present. So, if you’re looking to give someone an imaginative gift that will enable them to enjoy a truly memorable experience then give them a New England Curiosities Gift Certificate, and the rest will be (haunted) history.

Choose from $25, $50, $100 – or your own custom amount.

Skeleton Key Seasons Pass – We find that people love to come back and take each of our walking tours, as they are all different. The Skeleton Key pass allows access for 2 people for all of our walking tours as many times as you’d like. Plus this card gives you access to ALL of our Virtual Tours conducted on Zoom! We currently offer 6 different walking tours and we often additional, special event walking tours in season as well. This pass is a tremendous discount on regular tour prices and puts you first in line for all of our walking tours. Unlock the possibilities! This special pass is currently being offered at a reduced rate.

Four Seasons, Four Tarot Readings – Get a 30 minute reading with Roxie for each of the four seasons. This is a savings of over $70, and gives you the added flexibility to schedule in your appointment in advance. A Tarot Card Reading is a wonderful way to obtain objective insights into your life and find resolutions to challenges. A reading will take you on a fascinating journey through your past, present, and future. You will also discover possible outcomes to the situation you have found yourself in. Learn ways to empower yourself in an enlightening and entertaining reading. Roxie presents her readings to offer her guests to be fully empowered to take control of their lives and manifest their desires. Each reading uncovers the obstacles at hand, the querent’s spiritual key (the prayer, the plea or the ritual to shift energy) as well as their secret super power (hidden strengths).  Readings are conducted in person or online via Zoom.

Questions are answered and a map is made to help guide you along your path over the coming months. How can you get unstuck? Connect with your own divinity? Discover and create relationships with your spirit guides? Figure out what you want in life – then go out and get it? Find clarity in the little moments and through life’s big challenges? Feel relief with a clearer direction as you confidently navigate changes in your life. Step into your own personal power!

Connect with messages from your spirit guides and from the universe.

The buying process is simplicity itself and it can all be done online. Simply click on the “Buy Now” link, fill out the relevant details and that’s it, job done!