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Intuition Development Workshop With Roxie

Tune in to and expand your intuition.

Join Deadwick’s house reader, Roxie for a special workshop designed to help tune you in to and expand your intuition. Perhaps you have already noticed that intuition plays an important role in your life, and you want to better understand and master it. Or maybe you wish you had an easier time making decisions, and wish you knew how to trust your own inner wisdom—so you could make better choices in love, work, and your creative life. Developing one’s intuition is easy and fun—and anyone can do it. Discover and develop one of the greatest gifts you possess.

This session will cover the following:
Learn to trust your intuition about health and life decisions.
Experience beginner Meditations to develop intuitive abilities.
Decipher between fear based thought form and higher knowing.
Practice your abilities and receive readings.
Practice your psychic abilities to see, hear, and feel.
Roxie will facilitate to help you open and trust your own intuition in a supportive environment.

$40pp – space is limited to 10 participants.

***An advanced session will be offered in February 2018 for those who want to explore their intuition on a deeper level.