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A Night at the Witches Cottage

Explore the historic stories and legends of seacoast "witches" in an immersive theater experience at the Players Ring Theater.

The Witches Are Gathering…

Immerse yourself in an 18th century rustic Witches Cottage. Can you smell the wood smoke curling in tendrils around the cauldron? Step into twisted shadows of tree branches and tall grasses and discover the true and sometimes grim – stories of seacoast “witches” and the mysteries of the stone throwing devil of the Great Island. With a twirl of a black cape, your mystery maven and storyteller, Roxie Zwicker brings these lesser known stories come to life in time traveling vignettes. Colonial superstition and a curious past blend for a spellbinding experience that pulls the audience into the stories.

Dried herbs will be swaying from the rafters, an ominous music plays in the background as the lights go dim and candles flicker around these mysterious characters. During your visit you will be warmed with complimentary hot cider and treats. Each guest will receive a small bag of strange curiosities to weave their own witchy tale during the performance.

The atmosphere is moody in this historic (and haunted) 1833 building, that has served many curious travelers over the past 175 years. Don’t miss this rare opportunity for an October evening you won’t soon forget. Decide for yourself if the people in these stories were really witches or was there something more sinister going on behind the scenes – and are these locations still haunted today?

Explore the witches wares pop up stand before and after the show for a spooky souvenir to hang by your hearth. Plus don’t forget to take a photo in our wicked magic photo scene.

Come in costume if you dare. Suggested for ages 12 and up.