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March show wrap-up! Dark Arts & Crafts, Magickal Marketplace


Another busy March has come to a close.  We were very excited to have two major New England shows on the calendar, the Dark Arts and Crafts Faire in Portsmouth, NH and the Magickal Marketplace in Nashua, NH. While it takes weeks to create and get product ready and then the days go by in a flash, we always want to thank old friends and new for taking the time out to stop by and reconnect.  The community connections we make over the years really fuels us to keep moving forward and to spark our creativity.  Two full days of readings at the Magickal Marketplace were more than we could ask for and we are so grateful to everyone who spent time with us.

While we are sometimes comfortable in our homes ordering products on line or connecting with us each other through social media, there is nothing like an event where we meet face to face and get caught up on conversation.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to see what show is next on our calendar.

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