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The Secret is Out – Roxie is Publishing an Oracle Card Deck through Kickstarter


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I’ve been secretly working on this project for several years, and 2020 is the year to move forward with it.  From my personal photo collection that covers New England’s most historic and hallowed graveyards, I present the Memento Mori Oracle.  A 58 card oracle deck created from high quality materials, and printed in Maine. The companion book will not only offer detailed divinatory meanings, but also symbolism, history and visualizations. The reading layouts will include those that I’ve created for my clients and students. There will also be a short piece on Spiritualism, burial ground history and artistry in New England. The photos I’ve taken cover over 20 years of cemetery travels and research.


I will be launching the Kickstarter May 1st, 2020 and delivering the deck October 1st.  Stay tuned for the Kickstarter link and video to get a closer look at the project.

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