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Haunted New Hampshire – Virtual Tour on Zoom

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Join us this Friday, January 8th, 2021 at 7:00 pm on Zoom for our Virtual Tour of Haunted New Hampshire.

Join Roxie for a search of the legends and ghosts of New Hampshire. Follow the peaceful dirt roads to long forgotten ghost stories, you’ll hear superstitions from some of the quaint, small towns and learn of unusual happenings that still can’t be explained today. Find out some of the best places to explore spirited happenings. This presentation features tales from the White Mountains to the ghosts of the Seacoast. Journey through haunted woods, find mysterious cemeteries and much more during this virtual journey. New Hampshire has a lot more than just beautiful scenery – and this virtual tour will take you there.
Guests will receive a New Hampshire souvenir, recording of the tour and an extensive handout covering the locations and additional resources for further study. $15 per household.

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