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Divination II – Pendulum Dowsing & Everyday Divination

Make your own Magick with the world of divination!

Explore pendulum dowsing and every day "Junk Drawer Divination!"

**This session will be held online via Zoom.**  Join Roxie and awaken your intuition in this deep dive into the fascinating world of divination! We will cover pendulum dowsing and Roxie’s unique take on everyday divination – one that she calls “Junk Drawer Divination”, so that you may start reading for yourself, friends and family on the spot!

In this workshop we will cover specific techniques for exploring the mysteries of pendulum.  What is a pendulum?  What is the right pendulum for me?  How can I safely use my pendulum?  What if my pendulum stops working?   How can you use pendulum dowsing to read your own energy or communicate with spirits? How Does Pendulum Dowsing Work?  Can I use my pendulum when I read my cards?  What benefits are there to using my pendulum to clear negative energy in my home?  Maybe you’d like to align with your daily spiritual messages?

Divination has never been so much fun! The second half of this session is what Roxie likes to call Junk Drawer Divination.  What if you need answers on the go?  Empty your pockets, dump out your purse, bring in the contents of your car’s cupholder and learn techniques to use these seemingly random objects for specific answers from the universe.  Learn how to put together your own “junk drawer” divination set that speaks to you.  This is a fun technique, one that you will come back to over and over again.  Roxie will also discuss what it means to “throw the bones” and how to put together your own unique set of junk drawer divination tools – bring your junk drawer!

$25 pp, students will receive an electronic e-workbook that is covered in depth during the session.

Roxie has been reading for over 25 years and brings a wealth of depth and insight for this session. She has been teaching divination for 15 years.