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Sea Mystics & Magic Workshop With Roxie

Quick Details

Adult Ages 17+

Learn more about the mysteries of the sea in Portsmouth, NH!

Working and living next to the sea is one of the easiest and most potent ways to work with the energy of the universe. Being aware of the ocean rhythms and the earth’s seasonal changes offers opportunities to align with potent energies. The ocean represents intuition, mysteries, spirit, reflection, and emotions.

In this workshop, guests will discover the rituals, lore and tools to connect with the magic of the sea. Learn why working with local waters is so powerful. Explore how water energy increases and supports your intentions and connecting with the sea can have a profound effect on your spirituality. Guests will create their own sea charms in this session, divine messages from a water themed oracle, and travel through a ocean visualization to discover their connection to lunar energy.  Participants will take three handcrafted items to connect with the energy of the sea.

Discover how to use tools of the sea for divination

How to build a sacred space to connect with the sea’s energy

Connect with your spiritual guide to the sea