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Intuition Portal – Divination Masterclass

Quick Details

Adult Ages 17+

Come and unlock your intuition within this Masterclass in Portsmouth, NH!

Join Roxie for a special workshop designed to help tune you in to and further expand your intuition. We will begin with a deep guided meditation to open the channels of communication.

We will explore the importance of separating Intuition and Ego – you really are more intuitive than you may think!

This session delves into the how-to techniques to attracting, understanding, and responding to your intuitive synchronicities. And our potential to be transformed when we discover what intuition offers us. Exploring the power of Intuition, can us to lead happier, more meaningful lives. We will share ways to use your intuitive tools to work in the everyday moments and the extraordinary moments! Discover the many ways that your intuition works and how to listen and trust those messages.

Plus, we will have lots of tools on hand to help focus and sharpen your intuition! Choose from over 25 oracle card decks, to pendulums and crystals in this session to discover the tools that best align with your intuition.

Participants will each take also home over $50 worth of crystals, specifically chosen to open up and connect with their intuition.

This four hour session will be held in-person in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at the Divinity Lounge.