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Advanced Tarot Skills – A Deeper Journey Part 2

A deeper dive into the world of Tarot in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Quick Details

Join Roxie Zwicker in person for a deep journey through level 2 of Advanced Tarot

Unlock the doors to deeper and more rewarding readings with Tarot in this four hour session. The intention of this session is to empower your divination practice, build confidence and sense of Tarot mastery, bringing you more fulfilling readings. Explore the elemental aspects of Tarot, discover the best layouts for in-depth questions, working through challenging readings, tackling reversed cards and lessons of empowerment through the Ace cards. If you have ever contemplated creating your own readings or using the deck more intuitively this deep dive session is for you.

Roxie will also have a variety of decks available for use. Participants will receive an e-workbook for further study along with crystals to assist in their future readings.

Bring your notebook and Tarot deck.

Space is very limited.

Adult Ages 17+