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Halloween History, Folklore & Magic Virtual Workshop

Tricks, treats, lore and magick.

Quick Details

Adult Ages 17+

Discover the history and customs of Halloween enchantments in this entertaining session full of spooky lore and legend in Portsmouth, NH!

Join Mystery Maven Roxie Zwicker for an enchanted evening exploring the magic of the Halloween/Samhain season. The magical veil to the other world is at its thinnest at this time! The fields are bare, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the skies are going gray and turning cold. October offers us a variety of natural magical tools around us, from nuts, pumpkins, colorful leaves and cornstalks, you can feel the energy in the air!

Dive into the traditions of the holiday and discover little known lore, recipes and delight in Victorian divinatory tools that can still be used today.  This presentation features a large variety of vintage photos and ephemera to bring guests back in a virtual time machine of Halloween from Victorian times through the 1940s (many pieces from Roxie’s personal collection).  Also, discover how to make your Halloween season more richly meaningful!

If you’ve always loved the charms of Halloween, this workshop is for you! Full of treats, “spirit” – magic and maybe a few tricks.

Conducted via Zoom classroom. Participants will receive a copy of the program, viewable for 30 days after the session.