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Seership Circle – Monthly Divination Night – on Zoom

Quick Details

Adult Ages 17+

Explore the magic of divination once a month in the Seership Circle with Roxie Zwicker

Roxie is a reader with over 25 years of experience in several types of divination. During each monthly session explore a variety of tools and discover what divination is all about. Each month Roxie brings selections from her massive collection of divinatory items. From antiques to the latest decks of oracle cards. Explore everything from tea leaf reading, throwing the bones, spirit boards, pendulums, everyday divination and so much more. Sharpen your skills, practice your craft, or come to learn a new divination technique. Also, each month delve into the world of being a professional reader – coming up with the right layouts for the job, the best day of the month for divination, and much more. Expand your intuition, and connect with your guides, guardians, and ancestors. Whether you are a novice or an experienced reader, each session is packed with useful techniques and information! In each session, you’ll learn how to do a reading for yourself with Roxie’s guidance.

Bring your notebook, all divination materials, reference books, tools and more will be supplied.

You do not have to attend every single month – but you might not want to miss the changing tools and insight.

Grab your deck and join us on Zoom! Can’t join us live, we will send you the replay to watch at your leisure!