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Spiritual Circles, Tarot & Tea Leaf Readings With Roxie

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Roxie Zwicker has been connecting with spirits all her life. A gifted reader and intuitive for over 25 years, she has been teaching and speaking on metaphysical topics throughout the northeast for over 15 years. Her compassionate readings are designed to empower her clients and offer them clarity and insight.  Discover why her clients return over and over again – and tell their friends!

Roxie sees and receive messages from your “Spiritual Support Team”, including angels, guides, soulmates, deceased loved ones, cosmic friends, higher selves, power animals, and plant allies. Roxie acts as a clear channel, interpreter, and translator for inspired guidance that is useful, practical, and life transformative.  She is also a USUI Reiki Level 2 practicioner and brings the power of positive energy to all that she does.

Roxie also teaches people how to read for themselves, how to discover and expand their intuition including navigating the many divination tools that are available.  People often take all her classes and then tell their friends, because they find her teaching delivers what it promises: if you apply her techniques and intuitive insights – they work!

Expand your personal consciousness by registering for a workshop, monthly circles or educational courses on the classes and workshops page. Roxie’s workshops and sessions are both entertaining and enlightening with an emphasis on empowerment through expanding your intuition and connecting you with your inner wisdom and gifts.

Mystical Circle Gatherings, Spiritual Services

Roxie is a Minister with the Universal Life Church and she hosts Mystical Circle gatherings – A safe, sacred space to encourage healing, promote unity, and enhance self-awareness.  Circles represent infinity, togetherness, connection and linking the past to the present. During a Mystical Circle, concepts such as holding space, self healing, community, unlocking potential, spiritual and personal support and growth are fostered. Roxie will set up a sacred space including, but not limited to crystals, oracle cards, herbs, oils to facilitate to support the energy requested for the circle. The circle will include a meditation/visualization, spiritual craft-making (so everyone will have something to take home with them), storytelling, group Reiki and much more. Circles typically last two hours. Roxie has been hosting transformative, private circle gatherings for ten years in northern New England. Participants will feel spiritually nourished, connected and supported. Mystical Circle Gatherings are perfect for Rites of Passages, Weddings, Moon Ceremonies, Blessing-Ways, Birthdays, Retreats, Celebrations or Just Because. It can be hosted at your event, your home or you can host a Mystical Circle at the Divinity Lounge in Portsmouth, NH. Available for virtual events globally as well.

Roxie would love to hear your vision and help you bring it to life.  Please Contact us and she will be in touch as soon as possible.

Tarot Card Readings

A Tarot Card Reading is a wonderful way to obtain objective insights into your life and find resolutions to challenges. A reading will take you on a fascinating journey through your past, present, and future. You will also discover possible outcomes to the situation you have found yourself in. Learn ways to empower yourself in an enlightening and entertaining reading.  Roxie presents her readings to offer her guests to be fully empowered to take control of their lives and manifest their desires.  Each reading uncovers the obstacles at hand, the querent’s spiritual key (the prayer, the plea or the ritual to shift energy) as well as their secret super power (hidden strengths).

Questions are answered and a map is made to help guide you along your path over the coming months.  How can you get unstuck?  Connect with your own divinity?  Discover and create relationships with your spirit guides?    Figure out what you want in life – then go out and get it?  Find clarity in the little moments and through life’s big challenges?  Feel relief with a clearer direction as you confidently navigate changes in your life.  Step into your own personal power!

Connect with messages from your spirit guides and from the universe.  Choose from 30 minutes for $65 or 60 minutes for $95.  You can receive your reading via phone, Zoom session, or in person in Portsmouth, NH.

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Roxie was also involved in the project for the Mystic Palette Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, published by Llewellyn Worldwide, and her image was used for the creation of the Queen of Pentacles card.

Tea Leaf Readings

Your story in a cup!

Reading tea leaves — also called tasseography or tasseomancy — is a fascinating form of divination, which some refer to as a “lost art.” The idea is that your energy gets infused into the tea leaves, which can then form themselves into symbols in the cup to send messages. People have used tea leaf readings to divine their future, connect with spirits and get advice on a problem. It has been found in cultures all around the world.

Roxie has been reading tea leaves for over 25 years and her enthusiasm for this lost art is reflected in each reading she does.  She will customize a blend of organic, herbal tea to suit your needs and situation and the magic of your own tea leaf reading will begin! This form of divination uses the intuitive ability to discern the meanings of the leaves and their symbols left behind in the cup of tea.  Each zone of the teacup has meaning as well as each symbol.  Every reading is unique offering the querent’s specific symbols, including – but not limited to – spirit guides, animals, lucky numbers, dates, names, ancestors, angels and many times complete words are spelled out.

The entire notion of drinking the tea has it’s own healing abilities, you are taking time for yourself, investing in clarity and the magic of the leaves themselves.  You should feel calmer and more focused after a reading – as well as empowered with the symbols that are significant in your life!

Choose from 30 or 60 minute readings.  Tea leaf readings are done in person in Portsmouth, NH.

Divination Parties & Corporate Events

Are you looking for something different, personal and memorable for your next gathering?  A divination party might be just the thing.

With over 20 years of professional entertainment experience, Roxie’s range of expertise and intuitive talents allow more choices and better flexibility toward meeting themes and guests’ needs.  Roxie’s versatility enables her to entertain a wide demographic in an assortment of venues. Her breadth of experience lets her relate to any group.  From elegant corporate events to fun, bohemian gatherings and magical parties Roxie brings an experience like no other.  Year after year, most of Roxie’s events are either repeat engagements or are the result of word-of-mouth referrals.

From tarot, tea leaf reading and gemstone divination Roxie will bring the tools, talent and inspiration to your next social event.  Tea leaf reading parties, Tarot gatherings and even instruction, Roxie offers a variety of expert experiences.

Contact us for a quote for your next gathering.