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Virtual Tours on Zoom

Quick Details

Discover our Frightful 13! Join us as we share our 13 Favorite New England Haunted Locations. The history, mystery of each location will be shared along with the ghost stories and our personal experiences.

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Our Virtual Tour for June 2024 features our 13 Favorite Haunted New England Locations!

Explore the Mysteries with Roxie

🪦 Traverse old burial grounds and graveyards.
👻 Encounter haunted and historic sites.
🍽️ Discover dining spots intertwined with spirits of the past.
🕵️ Uncover lesser-known curiosities and rich history.

About the Virtual Tours:

🪑 Experience New England from the comfort of your chair.
📸 Each location is backed by thorough research, historic photos, and supplementary details.
⛈️ Weather and traffic are no constraints; simply enjoy a hassle-free exploration.
🖥️ All tours are hosted live via Zoom, allowing for real-time narration, questions, and interactions at the end of each session.