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Besom and Bone Witches Halloween Night Market – Portsmouth, NH


New England Curiosities is proud to present the
Besom and Bone Witches Night Market.

Come where the mystical and magickal emerge from out of the shadows. The Player’s Ring Theater at the end of the Portsmouth Halloween Parade is where we are found! With purse in hand, come to our door, there is no fee to let you in. Come! See what’s in store!

Our merchants have the spookiest and most enticing of goods, with items you no doubt must see in person, really you should. Fill your creepy cabinet with finds from the macabre to the enchanted, with a wave of a magic wand all your wishes can be granted.
Sweet treats and surprises fill the space, a unique experience is just this case!
Doors creak open at 7pm and crash closed promptly at 11 to conclude our spooky operation.
A perfect way to end your Halloween night, you’ll be overjoyed with ghoulish delight!

See You At the Player’s Ring Theatre, 105 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH

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