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Join Us For A Pirate’s Night For Me!

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Ahoy Mates! Set sail for a maritime adventure, satisfy your inner pirate and join us for a swashbuckling evening. Come and conspire with the pirates in the beautiful and historic Port City as we swing through New England maritime mystery and lore in this immersive theater experience.

Thursday, November 11th and Thursday, November 18th at 7:00 pm. At the Players Ring Theatre, 105 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH.

There is something strange moving in the fog that is creeping along the Marcy Street waterfront and into the historic Player’s Ring building. From tales of ghost ships to a curious look at the Privateering history of Portsmouth, your hostess, Roxie will bring guests back to days of (haunted) ship and sail. Did you know Portsmouth has an incredible history of building legendary Clipper Ships, like the Witch of the Wave and the Sea Serpent? The city was even home to John Paul Jones for a time, and there are many stories that have been left in his wake.

You’ll want to hoist the colors with notorious Captain Jack Smithy from the Rogues Armada. You might know the Captain from his usual looting, raiding and pillaging as he seeks treasure and the reason why the rum is always gone.

Join Zabel and the ZaBellies, her notorious crew of dancing pirates, as they rope guests into a brand new adventure on the high seas. Tavern dances, sword fights and buried treasure await on this epic pirate crusade and dance adventure!

Shiver me timbers – we hear that a crew is being formed for a future expedition, so feel free to come dressed as your favorite pirate, and you might be rewarded handsomely. We will even teach our guests a song from the sea as we share a round of sea shantys with the pirates, crew and the mermaids.

After the show and before you haul away, join the Pirates as they parley with you for photos and further adventures. And finally, visit the ship’s chandlery for provisions and souvenirs before you sail off into the sunset.

Space is limited, savvy? Complimentary light refreshments and snacks are served from the Galley. Each guest will take home a bag of pirate treasure as a souvenir of their voyage.

Speak the password upon your arrival to the theater and we will weigh anchor together and help you landlubbers get your sea legs. Huzzah! 

Get your tickets – while you can, by clicking the link below.

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