Divination I

Oracle Cards & Tea Leaf Reading Workshop

Awaken your intuition!

Join Roxie for one of her most popular sessions and awaken your intuition! We will cover the ancient art of tea leaf reading and oracle card reading in this session, so that you may start reading for yourself, friends and family!

In this workshop we will cover specific techniques for diving into the world of divination. How do you choose the right deck for you? Layouts, cleansing and charging your tools will also be covered. This workshop is great for those who have a basic interest to those who seek to do it in a professional capacity. Each session will also include a mini reading for each student.

Guests will pick up some beginner tips, techniques and methods for reading. Also, each student will receive a specially made loose incense for all of their divination needs.

The benefits of working with Divination include:

Understanding what spirits and energy is around you and why.

Living a spiritually fulfilling and rewarding life.

Living your life purpose.

Insight and practical help with vexing life questions and situations.

Increased creativity and inspiration.

The ability to see things from an expanded perspective.

Understanding of the soul qualities that you are currently developing.

$45 pp, space is limited. This workshop sells out quickly. Students will take home some tools that will help in their own divination practice.

Roxie has been reading for over 25 years and brings a wealth of depth and insight for this session. She has been the house card and tea leaf reader for Deadwicks since the shop opened.