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Divination III

Quick Details

Adults Ages 17+

Explore the depths of your intuition in Portsmouth, NH!

By popular request – Divination III with Roxie Zwicker. Explore the depths of your intuition in this session. Discover your deepest spiritual gifts and explore some of the most curious divinatory tools.

Scrying is a technique of divination and revelation, of producing visions, perhaps of the future, through prolonged gaze at an object, usually of crystal or liquid nature. Scrying was famously practiced by the 16th century astronomer, mathematician and alchemist John Dee. From bowl and cauldron scrying to candle and mirror scrying participants will learn the techniques and methods to visualize spiritual messages.

Discuss the taboo, origin, and use of spirit (Ouija) boards. Are talking boards really something to fear? Will they get us in touch with passed loved ones? Or open doors to the other side? This session will guide you to make your own decision. Learn how to place borders of spiritual protection around yourself to safely engage in a conversation with the other side. Particpants will be able to explore divination with a spirit (Ouija) board in a safe and controlled environment.